Herbal Face Steam

Herbal Face Steam

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-This is an extremely relaxing and beneficial to the skin.

-It is one of the simplest ways to deep clean the skin by  eliminating toxins, opening pores, increasing blood circulation ( by bringing oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin), boosting your complexion, softening, plumping wrinkles and hydrating skin at the deepest layers.

-Gives skin a fresh glow

 Recommend steaming your face once a week. Follow with a facial mask for the best results since the pores are opened and skin is softened after steaming; allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper into the cellular level.

Ingredients- Yarrow, chamomile, thyme, green tea & lavender

1. Before steaming, cleanse your skin - removing all dirt and make-up. Only steam with a fresh face. 

2. Put dried herbs (1 tablespoon) and cover with a pint of boiling water in a large heat-proof bowl.

3. Create a tent by wrapping a towel around your head and draping it over the rim of the bowl. Hold your face about 12 inches from the bowl. Close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing steam for 5-15 minutes.  

Disclaimer- Not intended for medical use.